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filestar is KnowledgeWorks Intranet Limited – formed in 1997 by former Xerox Corporation, OpenText Corporation and Hewlett Packard employees.

Since 1997, KnowledgeWorks Intranet Limited has been developing enterprise class document management, business workflow and collaboration systems. Over two decades ago our very first system was at the fore-front of web-based collaboration and document management and today such applications have become mandatory if not critical for businesses large and small.

1997KnowledgeWorks Intranet Limited incorporated. KnowledgeCenter DMS development started.
1998Fibernet Ltd (now a part of Global Crossing) becomes the first UK customer, deploying KnowledgeCenter DMS across its entire business spanning operations and finance, to manage its documents and business processes.
1999A master license for KnowledgCenter DMS is sold to Datum Ltd (now Ideagen PLC) who rebrand it as KnowledgeWorker.
2000KnowledgeCenter Ltd co-founded. IPR purchased by KnowledgeCenter Ltd and rebranded as KCenter. KnowledgeWorks continues development on KCenter, for KnowledgeCenter Ltd whose primary focus is on the London Insurance market.
2006KnowledgeWorks Intranet Limited starts work on a new DMS developed from the ground up - the IP for this is wholly owned by the company under the Filestar brand. A new architecture and technology, combined with KnowledgeWork's experience will make this the company's most competitive and successful product to date.
2008Filestar is deployed to its first customer.
2012Filestar Cloud is launched, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the company. With the continued uptake of cloud-based services and solutions, Filestar Cloud is an opportunity to bring our solution to not just large corporates but also smaller businesses - who are increasingly finding that a solution like Filestar can deliver real world cost savings and improving efficiency.
2013(KnowledgCenter Ltd, including the KCenter IPR is sold to Charles Taylor PLC - marking the end of a chapter for the company.)
2017Kyocera Document Solutions Europe becomes distributor for their UK and European reseller channel.
2019Konica Minolta Business Solutions becomes distributor for their UK reseller channel.
2023Sharp Business Systems UK PLC becomes a reseller and distributor for their UK channel.

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